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Photo by Katerina Holmes on Pexels.com


Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

Adopt a Pet Spotlight

This week’s Adopt a Pet Spotlight features a pot bellied pig named Maxwell! He is called a barrow. This means he has been neutered/castrated. This little guy is young, lovable, and willing to learn! Here’s what the staff at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch have to say about Maxwell: “Maxwell is a very sweet and talkative piggie.…

An Israeli Breakfast

Ingredients: 2 eggs 1 teaspoon butter Garlic salt Black pepper 1 handful fresh spinach 1 tablespoon feta cheese 1 tablespoon sour cream 4 cherry sized tomatoes cut in halves Instructions: Place spinach on a plate. Top with tomatoes, feta, and sour cream Melt butter in a small skillet Fry eggs Sunny side up until whites…

Toaster Tuesday

Ingredients Sliced bread Sliced tomato Sliced cheddar cheese Grated Parmesan cheese Chopped bacon Dry Italian seasoning Instructions Place a slice cheddar cheese on a piece of bread Top with sliced tomato, Italian seasoning, bacon, and Parmesan Toast in toaster oven at around 450-475 degrees Fahrenheit for 5-7 minutes. Enjoy! The Ag Wife


I am a wife and mother who is passionate about farming, and agricultural education.

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