The AG Wife

My name is Josy Stokes. I am a full-time wife and mom from a small town in Missouri. Family is everything when you are from a rural community, which means they always come first in making life decisions.

I had my daughter in 2019 and was using my Animal Science degree working full time at a 3500 head hog farm out in Mid-Missouri. My job was to manage the farrowing house. This means I was in charge of all pre, during, and post labor sows along with their litters.

As many of you know, large scale farming is a giant commitment, and I soon found myself spending more time away from my husband and daughter than I wanted. To make a long story short, after some job changes, selling our house and a move back to our hometown, we have our priorities where we want them.

Time at home raising our daughter has been the blessing of a lifetime. It gives me the opportunity to branch out and reach for passions that up until recently, have been unobtainable due to lack of time and energy.

My goals for this blog are to share our experiences as a modern family as well as touch on subjects that I am passionate about as a self-proclaimed AGvocate.

I hope you as the reader, find an enjoyable and fulfilling experience as I attempt to record our simple family life.

Until next time….

The Ag Wife