Since we last spoke, it’s been nothing but change here at the Little Blue House. Amidst all the spring excitement of planning and planting in the garden, I gave birth to a precious baby boy! New and wonderful things came this spring!

Mama and Baby

With recovery going well and our little home returning to a state of normalcy after the birth, I’ve finally had time to sit and talk shop! This year, instead of buying seedlings, we started the majority of our garden from seed. Most of it was ordered form Baker Creek Seed Company down in Mansfield, MO. If you have not heard of them, I highly suggest giving them a search online. They have a wonderful establishment along with a wide range of high quality heirloom seeds! Even better, they are shipped for free!

May Queen Lettuce and Green Onion sprouts

This spring we planted May Queen lettuce, Calima bush beans, Honeynut Squash, Early Fortune cucumbers, nasturtium flowers, miniature sunflowers, green and yellow onion, beefsteak and Riesenstraube tomatoes, Clemson Okra, basil, cilantro, rosemary, and a few pepper plants. Everything has flourished as June comes to an end. We have been seeing some yields and have already put a few seeds down for our fall vegetables. So far with have Swiss Char, rainbow carrots, and beets sprouting, with some broccoli and other goodies on order from Baker Creek. Seriously, check them out on their website!

Honeynut squash bloom with a visitor

My daughter and I have also started a small project of growing micro greens in our laundry room window. Our first trial is with a small plastic tray full of chia seedlings. If all goes well, we plan to expand and grow other greens to share and sell to our friends and neighbors.

Micro green Experiment

So far this summer, we have been selling our fresh eggs faster than our chickens can lay them. We expanded our flock to 23 birds in order to keep up with demand. Our new girls will be old enough to start laying by this fall.

Fresh Eggs For Sale!

In other news on the animal front, our pony and horse are set for winter hay thanks to family and friends that joined together to pick bales out of the field at this year’s first cutting. It was a long, hot day!

Hay Day

As an eventful and life changing spring comes to a close, we look forward to the yields of summer and fall that await our little family!

Until next time…

The Ag Wife

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  1. Wonderful to get your ag wife updates by email. You certainly live an exciting and productive life. So proud of you and to have you in our family

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