Things at The Little Blue House are warming up as the days grow longer and spring settles in. We have been busy revamping our garden, starting vegetable seeds, tending our to our horse pasture, and brooding our set of spring chicks!

Momma is inspecting one of the new raised beds
Tomato seedlings!
Daddy and Daughter fixing up the harrow.
3 Black Australorp and 3 Rhode Istand Red pullets will be ready to lay by this fall!

To top off our spring excitement, our second baby will be making his debut at any moment! This busy time of year is about to get a whole lot more hectic. I will also be trying my hand at cloth diapering this baby in an attempt at becoming more self sufficient. With all those dirty diapers about to be made and my toddler beginning her potty training journey, I see a bunch of laundry in the near future!

Tell me about your springtime projects!

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