This week’s Adopt a Pet Spotlight features a pot bellied pig named Maxwell! He is called a barrow. This means he has been neutered/castrated. This little guy is young, lovable, and willing to learn!


Here’s what the staff at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch have to say about Maxwell:

“Maxwell is a very sweet and talkative piggie. He loves any and all affection, and loves to tell his handlers when he needs more attention! He is extremely intelligent and wants nothing more than to please his adopter. He already knows how to sit on command and could easily be taught many more tricks! Maxwell does not know how to walk on a harness, but he would learn very quickly!
Before being surrendered to us, Maxwell lived in a home and had access to a fenced in yard. According to his previous owners he is mostly potty trained to going outside or using potty pads! He also lived with a large dog and they got along very well!”

If you are interested in Maxwell please take a look at his adoption information on Longmeadow’s website. Be sure to look at adoption requirements as well for Maxwell or any other animal you may be interested in that resides at Longmeadow!

Adoption Fees are waved for pigs at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch for the month of March! So get while the getting is good and go check out their sweet piggies!!

Until next time…

The Ag Wife

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