This week’s Adopt A Pet Spotlight is for a sweet mare named Trudy. This girl is a SURVIVOR! She was on her way to slaughter with many other horses last year when the semi truck and trailer they were being transported in wrecked, injuring and traumatizing the horses inside. The tireless staff at Longmeadow jumped into action and rescued her along with 14 other horses and have been rehabilitating them since.

Trudy is look for a home that she could be a pasture pet only as she has soundness issues. Here is what Longmeadow’s staff have to say about this sweet girl:

“Trudy was one of the surviving 15 horses rescued from a semitrailer wreck on October 18th, 2020. We were told by the owner of the horses that he was transporting them for slaughter. In a fateful twist of events Trudys life was saved. Although she experienced trauma, Trudy has never once offered to be anything but kind. On the scene she loaded right up into a trailer headed to Longmeadow where she was examined by a veterinarian. Trudys wounds from the wreck were minor but she was underweight and suffering from overgrown hooves. The veterinarian discovered she has severe high ringbone in her right front pastern. The vet determined she is comfortable being a pasture pet without any riding. She is now a healthy weight, has had several corrective hoof trimmings and started on a supplement for arthritis. She has had her teeth floated, routine dewormings and vaccinations. She gets along well with mares and geldings alike but does tend to be higher on the pecking order. She can occasionally be pushy on the ground, but also adores cuddles and treats. This sweet mare is looking for a forever home that will give her lots of love for the rest of her life.”

If you are interested in Trudy, or any other animals that reside at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch, feel free to click on the hyperlinks to their website. Also be sure to check out their adoption requirements before making your decision to adopt an animal.

Until next time…

The Ag Wife

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