Our campsite

We went on a camping trip a couple weeks ago with our RV and road horses with our friends! Overall it was a fun and successful weekend getaway. However, while we have loved the space and comfort of our RV, camping with it has come with a few drawbacks.

First, it has a limited tow capacity. Our initial thought was we could save up for a horse trailer to pull behind, but since the RV is already so heavy, it would have to be a very small trailer. It would have been okay for the short term, but if we ever decide to get my husband his own horse we wouldn’t have enough room.

Secondly and most troublesome was that with the RV, once you get to camp you can’t really go anywhere else. Most of the time when we go we are close to people with cars that could give us a ride if we needed, but if there was ever an emergency it would be ideal if we had our own vehicle to jump in. We even thought about towing a car behind the RV. But then if we did that, we wouldn’t be able to bring a horse trailer. My mother suggested we could always drive a car separately, but part of camping is the road trip getting there. We love riding in the car together as a family, so driving separate was not a desirable option.

One evening my husband and I were driving home after a date night, and I had a thought. What if we sold our RV and my SUV to purchase a truck and horse trailer for camping? If we got a four door truck I could use it for moving our daughter around as well as on our little farm for odd jobs. Then when we went camping we would have our horses AND a way to drive somewhere if we needed to! My husband jumped at the idea and soon had our vehicles listed for sale.

Our beloved little RV ended up selling very quickly as it is near camping season. We will miss it dearly. But with the money we made, we were able to turn around a purchase the perfect trailer with just enough space for our little family! Luckily, my mother is generous enough to let us borrow her truck when we need it, so we were able to pick it up and tow it home! It needs a little cleaning up and elbow grease but it is going to be wonderful for us once it is ready!

Now all we need to do is get my SUV sold to get a truck and we will be set for new adventures! How do my readers prefer to camp? What is YOUR ideal camping setup? I’d love to hear from you all!

Until next time…

The Ag Wife

2 thoughts on “Our Camping Solution

  1. Ideal camping experience: 40 other 4-heel drive trucks, CB, pop up tent, sleeping bags, cook stove, coffee pot, great food and conversation around a big campfire after exploring off road (Mohave dessert and Anzo Borrego in California). Love your plans for camping. Those days are in the past for me

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