Today’s post is going to stray slightly from our normal family farm updates to announce that we will be hosting a new weekly feature! Every week, I will be posting an article about pet adoption! Pet adoption is a wonderful and responsible way to bring home a new member of the family. There is one facility in particular I will be posting adoption information about that is located in Union, Missouri. Stay tuned for our Adopt a Pet Spotlight!

Tucked away between the hills and valleys in a small town in Missouri, there is a place that for the past 30 years has been a sanctuary to misplaced and mistreated animals of all shapes and sizes. Longmeadow Rescue Ranch was purchased in 1988 and has long since played a pivotal role in animal rescue and adoption. When browsing their website, one can view anything from chickens, to pigs, to horses that are in need of loving home. This organization proves that adoption isn’t just for cats and dogs, but all manner of creatures for a willing adopter.

Longmeadow goes above and beyond by matching adoptable pets with the perfect family. They even go as far as providing an entire equine training program and facility complete with expert trainers and staff to ensure horses and owners that partake in training are fully prepared for their new life together.

I cannot wait to go on this ride of awareness with Longmeadow Rescue Ranch and all of my dear readers! Get ready for a weekly dose of undeniable cuteness!

Until next time…

The Ag Wife

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