Part of the reason why we moved back home is so our daughter could have more time with her relatives. But one thing we didn’t anticipate is how much we would need our friends and family to help us with our bundle of joy. From something as big as my mother letting us move back to the farm so that I could stay home and raise our family, our family coming together and hand delivering hay for our horses, to small acts of kindness and love from other members that we receive every day, our “village” is one to be admired.

My husband is gone half the year working hard to provide for our family. While he is at work it is usually just me and the baby left to hold down the fort. Recently in Missouri it has been bitterly cold, so of course the outside chores double! Feeding animals, blanketing horses, chopping and picking ice is all part of the deal when you have a farm in the winter time. However, this is the first winter I’ve had to do it alone with a toddler on my hip. Needless to say it has been a challenge. Wrestling us both into snow suits is half the struggle, and the other half is racing to get the chores done before the little one gets too cold. I considered waiting to do chores until crib time but since she doesn’t nap well and she doesn’t go to bed until well after dark, it meant I would be flailing around in pitch black to get it all done. So, usually she just comes with me.

It’s very hard for me to ask for help from people, but when one chore morning ended up with a bump on the head and very sad and very chilly toddler I realized I didn’t have a choice but to reach out. I had yet to get what I needed finished and my daughter was quite obviously done for the day.

My neighbor down the road ended up coming out to save the us. And not only did she help with the chores, but she came back the next day with ideas and equipment to make our life easier as we did farm checks. She didn’t like the idea of my daughter being exposed to below freezing temps on her watch!

When people say, “It takes a village. ” it’s not an exaggeration. Having a child has made me realize the importance of our close friends and family. Receiving kindness and generosity from our loved ones has been the greatest gift and the truest honor, and we as a family will be working hard to pass it forward.

Until next time…

The Ag Wife

7 thoughts on “It Takes a Village

  1. We bought my wife’s old family farmstead. My in-laws, both immediate and extended, live all around us. Sometimes it feels like I’m living in an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, with everybody always coming over, but there are other times I realize I’m really lucky to have people who are willing to help when needed–or unneeded, for that matter.

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